Get Ready for Will Arnett as a Talking Horse

Will Arnett voicing an animated horse on a comedy series might be enough of a draw for you on it's own, but in case you need to see this in action before deciding to watch, Netflix has released BoJack Horseman 's trailer. When the show was announced last year, Rolling Stone described the titular character as "a washed-up, humanoid horse actor with a drinking problem" and that's exactly what we get with the new trailer. We also get Amy Sedaris, Aaron Paul, and Alison Brie because Will Arnett as an alcoholic horse just wasn't enough.

The trailer shows that this isn't just some play on Mr. Ed. In this world human-like horses, cats, and chickens all co-exist with humans as if they're all the same. Well, until you scare a chicken-woman and she accidentally lays an egg. They date each other, work together, and go out to bars together. Their species may lead to some punny jokes (don't call a cat "catty"), but for the most part everyone gets along normally and it seems to work because it's animated.

On the show, BoJack Horseman is a former sitcom star who starred on a show called Horsin' Around in the 90s and who now spends his time hanging out with his human friend Todd (Paul) and his ex-girlfriend/agent Princess Caroline (Sedaris). Oh yeah, all the animals still have animal-like names. The show also features dog-man named Mr. Peanutbutter who dates a human.

BoJack Horseman's first season will premiere on Netflix Aug. 22 and in classic Netflix style, all 12 episodes will be available at once for your binge-watching needs.