Her New Song Is Pretty Great

You can finally hear the songstress's latest song! Take a listen to Jenny Lewis's newest single "Just One of The Guys," which is just as catchy as you predicted it would be. But fear not — for as much as you will be humming the song, you'll be listening to the words, as well. It's definitely a song of the summer for those of you who weren't quite ready to cite the new Bieber song as your ultimate summer jam (but who am I to judge).

We've been eagerly waiting for the indie darling and former Rilo Kiley front-woman's third solo effort, The Voyager — it's been six years since her last solo album — and this new album, which will be released on July 29, is definitely worth the wait if you're a Lewis fan. Not to mention, it features producing and songwriting from Ryan Adams and Jonathan Rice. So yeah. It's gonna be great.

Also worth noting: "Just One of the Guys" is produced by Beck, which adds and extra dollop of musical star production to the mix, but Lewis's vocals still reign supreme. The lyrics are especially relatable if you're one of those girls who tries to fit in with those guys, and just quite can't.

Take a listen, and enjoy.