Justin Bieber Made a Song With Migos, So Maybe You'll Hate Him Less Now? — LISTEN

Look, we know you hate Justin Bieber. The entire universe does — he's the fifth most-hated man in the public's collective conscience. But Bieber just released a song with Migos called "Looking For You," and it's... well... a summer jam. If you like Migos, you might even sorta-kinda like it. If you don't like Migos, then by all means, Bieber will remain the fifth most hated man for you, or perhaps you might even want to up him to you number four on your personal list. But if you are into Migos, then by all means, feel free to demote Bieber to number six on your list.

You should also probably get ready for this song, because you'll probably hear it on the radio all summer because folks who dig Bieber and rap music will be like, "OMG, the hills are alive with sound of pop-rap music." It's kind of the anatomy of a top 40 hit in the summer: a maligned but popular pop star collaborates with a rapper.

And ya gotta give Bieber a quarter of an ounce of credit — he could have chosen someone way worse than Migos, like Patrice Wilson of Ark Music Factory (you know, the mastermind behind the so-bad-it's-good "Chinese Food," "Friday," and "It's Thanksgiving"). That would have been hilariously abysmal (and so worth watching).

Take a listen to the track, and see if Bieber moves up or down on your most-hated man list: