#RuinARealityShow Might Actually Fix Things

It seems like Twitter is always trying to ruin something these days, and this time it's #RuinARealityShow that's trending. Prior to this hashtag were topics like #RuinARomCom and #RuinASummerBlockbuster designed to give you a good afternoon giggle break. But some people participating in #RuinARealityShow are putting a little more thought into their tweets. (And some are not. The Amazing Racist is an example of that.) But other tweets aren't ruining a reality show so much as fixing it.

As one Twitter member points out "these reality shows ruin themselves." We can love to hate-watch all we want, but there's no denying that some shows just need to stop. Yes, I Slept With a Celebrity , I'm looking at you.

So instead of ruining a show, people are fixing them with simple titles that give a whole new premise to standard reality shows like 16 & Pregnant and 19 Kids and Counting. We already kind of know that these shows are a little bit too much, and yet seeing people point out the alternatives to them while showcasing real world crises just gives a whole new perspective on things.

We'll probably all still watch reality shows, but since they don't often make you think at least these tweets about them will.

Ah yes, talking about the actual reality of a large family.

If only it were that instead of five seasons of teenage mothers.

Function over fashion.

On tonight's episode: things that matter.

Never more pertinent than now while they're gearing up for another TLC special.

Did you know we're on the brink of the next great extinction?

The much nicer alternative to Naked and Afraid.

The truth about our favorite shows hurts, but since it makes us think it's totally worth it.

Image: MTV