Trending Topic #RuinARomCom Hilariously Mocks the Genre That Everyone Loves to Hate

Sure, we all might tune into Chris Hardwick’s @Midnight on Comedy Central in hopes that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the host will resurrect a few segments from the glorious dating game that was MTV’s Singled Out. But alas, our his late night show sticks within the realm of celebrity guests and hashtag trends (a woman can dream, can’t she?). The latest of Hardwick’s topics that has everyone buzzing is #RuinARomCom. Watch out Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, Hardwick is hot on your Twitter trending tails!

#RuinARomCom is pretty funny, and it's kind of a relief to see Twitter having a bit more fun with late night hashtaggery after the whole #CancelColbert debacle. So hey, let's enjoy more of 140 drama-free characters, shall we?

That said, much like everything that exists on the Internet, there were puh-lenty of submissions that were annoyingly sexist, racist, or just wildly unrelated. Rom Coms are for women, let’s make fun of them! Dick jokes make the world go ‘round! SOMEHOW THIS MAKES ME FURIOUS AT BARACK OBAMA.

Anyway, let’s not dwell on the black holes of Twitter. Rather, let’s enjoy a few giggles because, in case you missed it, Tuesday is the new Monday.

Here are a few of our top picks:

Okay... I'm not sure if that last one ruined or totally improved a rom com, but we dig it.

Now, let's turn the tables with our own #RuinASummerBlockbuster. Tweet us your submissions @Bustle!

Image: New Line Cinema