Corey Stoll Loves those Washington Thrillers

by Maitri Suhas

If you still mourn for Peter Russo and his untimely death on the first season of House of Cards, worry not! The dimpled, rough-around-the-edges Corey Stoll is returning to television in another political drama. This one is more global: Homeland (and yes, to answer your question: Homeland is still happening, okay?)

Moving from the Netflix platform to Showtime, Stoll will play a CIA chief of Station in Pakistan where Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) will be sent during Season 4. Not sure if Carrie will be there during or post baby (if you've forgotten: we ended the last season with Carrie pregnant with Brody's child). I'm not an expert, but I don't think fragile Carrie could handle the beginnings of motherhood and trying to win the war on terror. #CanSheHaveItAll?

I am really excited for Stoll's role, though; no telling whether or not his character of Sandy Bachman will bear any resemblance to his fallen role on House of Cards, Representative Peter Russo who seemed like a semi-decent human being underneath his unconquerable drug habits and inability to escape the wrath of Frances Underwood.

But I digress: Stoll is great at playing these complex characters. He really held his own in Midnight in Paris where he played Ernest freakin' Hemingway, which is an intimidating role for any actor, but he managed to pull it off with that brutish charm we all imagine Hemingway exuded. And for some reason or another, even Peter Russo was disarming and sympathetic (RIP).

So here's hoping that Stoll's role on Homeland will last longer than a single season the way his House of Cards fate materialized. He's a good contender to be Carrie Mathison's love interest, especially if he's got some bad tendencies under the surface. She loves the baddies!