There's a Weed Fairy In Seattle

Over the Memorial Day weekend, you were probably attending barbecues, family gatherings, and other festive get-togethers, right? Well, thanks to the Weed Fairy, unsuspecting Seattle residents were off getting high instead. That's right — a woman named Yeni Sleidi, who many call the Weed Fairy, was out distributing fliers with marijuana attached to them to passersby.

Sleidi started handing out fliers with nuggets of pot last fall in Brooklyn and in New York City subway stations after the government shutdown in an effort to brighten everyone's day. She has since moved on to doing the same in Seattle.

The nuggets contain just the right amount of weed to give users a slight boost of energy and a quick high. Many strangers don't actually take the weed — they just take photographs and stare. Lucky for her, Sleidi's kind act doesn't count as illegal, since there's no direct exchange of drugs, according to Seattle law.

Sleidi's fliers read, "These are tough times. Take this WEED. And keep yours spirits high." Sleidi wants to eventually start a group of weed fairies and get the world high, which is pretty commendable and possible in my opinion. Thanks to all the press and media coverage, Sleidi's Weed Fairy persona has been able to get an online audience on Twitter and other social networks.

In the end, there's nothing wrong with striving to make people happier and slightly less stressed. And there aren't many people opposed to anything weed-related nowadays. So props to you, Weedy Fairy!

Watch Sleidi's interview with The Des Moines Register below for more information: