'Game Of Thrones' Death Scene Elicits A Familiar Reaction From Entire Crowd of Bar Watchers — VIDEO

Are you over the shock, aw, and ew of that final scene from Sunday's Game Of Thrones ? No? Us, either! It haunts us moment-to-moment! So what better time to relive (spoiler alert) Prince Oberyn's final moments than with entire bar of shocked onlookers? The video's title, fittingly, starts with a simple frowney face emoticon.

Once, in high school, my French teacher decided to show us this French-language movie that involved a sub-plot of an older man who falls in love with/stalks a younger woman. The storyline culminates with a graphic scene of him sewing her hair ribbon to his nipple, and I didn't think I would ever again witness an entire room full of people be so united in their disgust and horror than we all were that day, screaming along to that scene. Alas, Game Of Thrones was not a show back then.

The reactions to scenes like that are almost always fun to experience on a mass scale — it feels like the same kind of human mechanism that drives people to twitter in the seconds after an Earthquake, seeking out a sort of "Did you feel that too???" validation. In this case, that feeling everyone felt was a slight mental scarring, some awe and general ill will towards the Game Of Thrones sound team for all those sound effects and FX team for the gore, and a palpable mourning for one of Westeros' greatest hotties.

Sean TankTop on YouTube

Image: Sean L/Youtube