'The Fault In Our Stars' & the 24 Biggest Tearjerkers of the Past 20 Years

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Everyone knows that TFIOS stands for The Fault In Our Stars, but it could just as easily be short for Tears Fall Intensely, Oh Sadness! (not as catchy a title, we admit). That's because John Green's novel, and the upcoming, eagerly anticipated film adaptation, is a great, big, unstoppable, heaving tearjerker. In fact, if the movie is even a fraction as tear-inducing as the book, not even Dolby theaters will be able to drown out the sounds of sobbing moviegoers.

Considering TFIOS is already breaking records before it even hits theaters, don't be surprised if Shailene Woodley and continue to make movie history after it's released. In fact, we'd be willing to bet that TFIOS will become one of cinema's bona fide romantic tearjerkers like Titanic or The Notebook. In honor of TFIOS (which had us crying at the trailers alone), we picked the biggest tearjerkers of the past twenty years. Grab a box of tissues and take a trip down depressing movie memory lane with us, won't you?

Image: 20th Century Fox

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