Rainbeau Mars Asks Wedding Guests to Do a Three-Week Cleanse, and We Just Lost the Ability to Speak

We're not even going to say the "b" word, because it doesn't even cover it. ("Bridezilla." What were you thinking?)

Not only do her wedding guests have to buy the plane ticket to Kauai–they also have to cleanse. In a bizarre health-freak move, celebrity fitness guide Rainbeau Mars has asked her guests to follow a three-week vegan cleanse before attending her wedding, reports HuffPo Weddings.

"Rainbeau hopes that by requesting her guests try out a vegan, and subsequently live food diet for 21 days, everyone will look and feel their best for her big day," explained Mars’ publicist in an email.

Presumably inspired by how good they feel after three weeks of raw veggies, the guests will have the opportunity to participate in “unique activities ranging from breath work classes, to yoga and horseback riding” in the three-day event, according to Mars’ publicist.

No mention of whether it’s also a big day for her groom, Hollywood business manager Michael Karlin. The event promises to be star-studded with a guest list including Josie Maran and Melissa and Joan Rivers.

I mean, you have to admit, the best memories are made on horseback, holding a green smoothie.

Image: Getty Images