This 'PLL' 'Ship Is Back On

by Christine DiStasio

Don't you just love these two? Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premieres on June 10 and we've been promised answers — finally. Even though I have little-to-no faith that I. Marlene King's definition of "answers" is the same as mine. But we've also been promised something else that's equally as great as half-assed answers: A perfect Spencer and Toby reunion. Troian Bellisario spilled some PLL Season 5 Spoby spoilers to E! that the couple is back on, which is great news because they totally belong together.

PLL Season 4 ended on an extremely sour note with Spencer Hastings in general — she was popping pills, she thought she killed Ali, and her parents had hired a sober monitor to clock her every move. It was a rough season for Spencer. Sighs. It was only made rougher by the fact that Toby couldn't help her with her issues and had to turn to Mrs. Hastings for help. This ended up tearing the 'ship apart — mostly because Spencer wasn't allowed to have a cellphone but also because she felt betrayed. See, I told you it was a rough time to be Spencer Hastings in Season 4. And fans were really sad — Spoby had such great chemistry and complimented each other in such a great way (not to mention all of those steamy, shirtless Keegan Allen scenes). So, naturally, I'm pretty excited to see more of this pair so early in Season 5.

Bellisario told E!'s Kristen Dos Santos during her interview that she'd just stepped off of a Spoby scene. Clearly, while we'll be seeing their reunion early on in the season, the couple is not likely to get pushed aside the closer we get to the midseason premiere. (Yay!) The PLL star also revealed a little bit about why Spencer and Toby work in their 'ship — saying that they're both very passionate and very bizarre people so "they're always going to be right on the same line with each other, like, side-by-side."

The actress also teased that we might be seeing Toby leave town again in the future because apparently, that's just what they do. Toby leaves town, Spencer gets mad and sad, and then he rides back in on his white horse. Hey, whatever works — but, I'm getting ahead of myself here. So when will we see the first of our Spoby reunion? Showrunner I. Marlene King dropped a huge spoiler on her Twitter account that we'd see Spencer and Toby back together as early as Episode 2, aka "Whirly Girl"?:

So why am I so excited for the Spoby reunion? Because they're perfect together and here's why:

They're Always On The Same Side

Remember when Toby pretended to work for "A" to protect her? And when Spencer consistently defended him so hard against her friends? #Always

They Just Get Each Other

Spencer is constantly on the edge of a breakdown about everything. And Toby knows how to talk her down from that place. And she's really the only person capable of breaking down Toby's walls and getting him to open up. They both need a lot of work and they're okay with that.

They've Got Chemistry

Do I even need to explain this one?

They're Honest (Most Of The Time)

The most problematic thing about Spencer and Toby's relationship is that they both try so hard to protect the other that they end up lying. But they forgive each other because their brains are so in sync that they understand that it's necessary to protect the people you love at all costs. See, MFEO.

They're So Good At Reunions

There's no better PLL reunion than a Spoby reunion.

They're Both Too Smart For Their Own Good

If there were ever a couple whose brains worked far too hard just to get them into trouble, it's Spencer and Toby. Last season Spencer's obsession with finding out who "A" was and where Ali was hiding drove her into becoming an addict. And Toby, well, he's just always known way too much — that was his problem from the very beginning, even before Ali died. Being intelligent can be such a burden, but at least they don't have to carry it alone.

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