Peter Dinklage's Yearbook Photo, Mullet & All, Will Make Your Day — PHOTO

Well, at least Tyrion isn't having a trial by mullet. Or wait — maybe if he did have a trial by mullet, he'd totally win, as this might be the mullet to end all mullets. What mullet is this? Why, it's the mullet in Peter Dinklage's yearbook photo, because hey, graduations are often seminal events that require critical hairstyle choices. But really, it's just pure fun when one of these "before they were stars" pictures is posted on the Internet. They're always such a treat.

This picture surfaced on Reddit, and as always with these sorts of images, it's further proof that the Internet is a wonderful place. This image feels super relevant now, of course, considering how Dinklage's character on Game of Thrones may have to endure a fate that no fan would ever want the beloved character to endure. We've already witnessed Ned Stark's beheading,The Red Wedding and Oberyn's literally head-shrinking moment — will we have to watch Tyrion suffer a similar, tragic fate? If so, then, the Internet's like, "well, here's Peter Dinklage as a happy, mullet-sporting dude to cheer your right up."

But on another note, check out that quote. It's American playwright Sam Shepard's phrase: Words are tools of imagery in motion. How appropriate, given Dinklage's stellar career and his current starring role in one of the most visually pleasing and well-written shows on television.

Take a look:

Image: Imgur