Kelly Rowland is Back in "The Game"

by Kadeen Griffiths

If we're being completely honest, I haven't heard Kelly Rowland sound this fierce since "Dilemma" with Nelly. Although she's been doing a lot better post-Destiny's Child than, say, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland is still no Beyoncé. That does not, however, mean she shouldn't be appreciated in her own right and her new song is one of those tracks that will make you see why she deserves your appreciation. When the news first broke that Kelly Rowland on Pepsi's World Cup visual album Beats of the Beautiful Game, it was just the latest in a long line of good news for the artist. Rowland's song is called "The Game" and, wow, can she sing.

This isn't entirely shocking information. One does not make it into Destiny's Child and stand next to Beyoncé without having any talent. Rowland did enjoy some success after the girl group broke up, with hit singles like "Dilemma", "Stole", and "Motivation". "The Game" is punchy and fun and a little experimental. It's the kind of song that you march to or clap to or run to or, you know, win the 2014 World Cup to. In addition to Rowland's vocals, there's also a backing chorus shouting in response to some of the lyrics in a way that makes the song feel very inclusive, just like something you might hear playing in a stadium.

The Pepsi World Cup visual album is meant to put everyone in the mind set of being right there in the midst of the World Cup action and "The Game" does that spectacularly. It captures the feel of a soccer game, from the way each match feels almost like a battle, to the way adrenaline spikes for both the players and the audience, to the sweet feeling of victory when it's all over. Rowland also displays her ability to hit a note and then hold it like an absolute boss at the end of the song and it sounds like a victory of her own.

Is it the greatest song she's ever done? Probably not. Is it more than enough to remind anyone who might have forgotten that Beyoncé didn't carry Destiny's Child all on her own? Definitely. Kelly Rowland's not fading out of the game any time soon and that's beautiful.

Listen to the song below.