Blue Hair Is Everywhere This Summer

Even dark-haired, rich and famous, pretty young things get the blues. Yeah, but because they can afford to. Normally raven-locked celebs Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens have been showing off the Summer 2014 hair hue du jour: Turquoise. Bright hair colors are undeniably defining the warmer weather months and these two ladies demonstrate opposite ways to be blue and bold with their locks. They are owning this trend.

Both Jenner and Hudgens are rocking the trend in totally different and unique ways. Jenner's cut and style is edgy and choppy with contrasted, dip-dyed ends. Quick, someone get her to audition for a pop-punk band and then grab cameras and document her rise to music industry prominence. Oops, sorry. I just turned into momager Kris Jenner for a hot second. Back to the issue at hand — the hair. Jenner revealed that her mama hates the blue hair and even said that she looked like a Skittle, which prompted the teen to defiantly threaten to keep this color even longer. Hudgens, on the other hand, is more earth mother and fairy whimsical with her blue hue and cascade of mermaid waves.

These two aren't the first to do blue, since Demi Lovato has been blue before going half-shaved. And what color hasn't Katy Perry been? The pop diva opted for slime green this spring.

Jenner yanked the slowly-dying ombre trend back off the last season heap. She can get away with teal tips, since she is 16 and it has a tone similar to her usual color. Even though the youngest satellite Kardashian's tips are dark, she still had to go lighter to get 'em, unless, of course, she is rocking a spray-in, temporary color. If you want to try blue or hot pink, Rita Hazan's Pop Color, which you can pick up at Sephora, is like spray paint for hair, but doesn’t get all over the bathroom sink or your hands and actually shows up on dark hair. I know; I've tried it.

Meanwhile, V. Hudge went ethereal, earth goddess with her icy blue strands. Yes, the crown of blue flowers gave off a hippie vibe, but her overall shade is a grayish blonde, which you may recall Lady Gaga rocked on a Vanity Fair cover a few years ago. Zac Efron's ex is all kinds of mermaid hippie nypmh with this look. It looks like The Hudge has three shades in her hair, with brownish roots, which means she probably had a triple process to go from black to brown to blonde and then added some blue. Her blue also could be a spray in.

Maybe it's time for the rest of us to get the summer blues and really keep up with a semi-Kardashian.

Images: Instagram