J.J. Abrams Pens 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Note to Stop Spoilers But Fans Will Be Fans

So far, J.J. Abrams has kept the details of Star Wars: Episode VII pretty close to the Solo-inspired vest. It took months to confirm the cast, with the last two additions being announced this week. And even though there have been rumors of the film being called The Ancient Fear, fans have yet to discover an official title announcement. With yesterday's unsanctioned Star Wars set photos from TMZ, Abrams has decided to keep stonewalling fans with a tweeted picture of a note that read, "I wish people would stop leaking photos from episode VII. And making ridiculous claims that the Millennium Falcon is in the movie." Clearly, the free-flowing information has gotten to be too much for J.J.

This sequel has been heavily speculated about due to its inclusion of the cast from the original trilogy, so fans are in constant search of further information from a tight-lipped Abrams. When TMZ tried to profit on that curiosity, Abrams was reasonably upset, and this tweet was not some out-of-line rant or disproportionate display of rage. Yet, his quip about the Millennium Falcon probably hits home with some fans, since the spaceship has almost become an extra cast member in the original trilogy. Fans are understandably worried that it may not return alongside other robotic Star Wars favorites like C3PO and R2D2, and without official comment from Abrams, we have nothing to go on. So instead of blowing up at a band of loyal followers, perhaps J.J. Abrams should start tossing us a few hints. We deserve them for staying with Star Wars in a post-Binks world.

Image: Twitter/Bad Robot