What Color Is Grapefruit Juice, 50 Cent?

If you haven't noticed, Aziz Ansari loves to talk about rappers and other hip hop artists in his standup. He's made fun of Kanye West, R Kelly, Jay Z, and memorably, 50 Cent. What sets 50 Cent apart from the others is that Aziz has also discussed hanging out with Kanye and Jay Z (in what has to be the most random friendship of all time), and his R Kelly jokes are mainly centered on his performances and other public appearances. With 50 Cent, however, Aziz got a little more personal with someone he doesn't really know and in his Reddit AMA on Tuesday, 50 Cent responded to Aziz's grapefruit soda joke.

For those not familiar with the joke, in his Dangerously Delicious special, Aziz recounted the time he had dinner at the same restaurant as 50 Cent and overheard the rapper ask the waiter why his grapefruit soda wasn't purple. That turned into a bit about 50 Cent not knowing what a grapefruit is and the whole thing was very, very funny—though probably not to 50 Cent. Aziz even repeated the conversation between the very confused 50 Cent and his waiter doing his best to explain what a grapefruit is. Watch the video below, because I'm not doing the joke justice.

Then during the AMA, Reddit user fannyfeeny1 said, "I need to know if there is any truth behind Aziz's Grapefruit story. Can you shed some light on that?" and posted a link to the video. Here's what 50 Cent had to say.

my grandma used to get me grapefruit juice as a kid. he's a comedian. Ima have his ass whoop if he keeps saying that lol

So he's saying that he does in fact know what a grapefruit and grapefruit soda is, but not directly refuting the whole story. What's the deal? Did it happen and he was just momentarily confused or did Aziz make it up? The "lol" is clearly meant to show that 50 Cent has some humor towards the whole thing and probably wouldn't actually "have his ass whoop," but wouldn't it be great if he did?

50 Cent vs. Aziz Ansari, the greatest celebrity showdown of our time. Aziz hasn't responded to the response, so keep your fingers crossed that he does. Between his amazing comedy skills and 50 Cent's guaranteed awkward attempts at humor, it would be the ultimate celebrity feud.

Come on Aziz, make it happen. If nothing else, you'll have more 50 Cent material for your next special.