It's National Hug Your Cat Day And Here Are 5 ADORABLE Videos to Celebrate

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Today is National Hug Your Cat Day, a holiday that gives all kitty owners the perfect excuse to give their pets even more gratuitous attention than they already do. While some animal-specific holidays, like World Turtle Day, are meant to raise awareness for a certain species or cause, today is nothing more than a good excuse to spread some snuggles to your favorite feline friend. What’s an easier and better holiday to celebrate than that?! Answer: none.

So if you’re a cat lover, get ready to shower your cat, your neighbor's cat, or your bodega cat with affection. To get you in the right mindset before you head home and celebrate with your pet — and also because what’s more fun than searching for cat videos online during work hours? — check out the five ridiculously cute videos below, all featuring some pretty epic hugs between cats and people or other animals.

Disclaimer: After watching these clips, everyone, even dog people, will want to run out and give a cat a big squeeze. BTW, we take no responsibility for any scratches you may incur if this list compels you to hug a strange cat.

1. This cat hugs like a human and it's awesome.

Tricia Carr on YouTube

2. This mommy cat hugging her baby kitten who's having a nightmare will melt your heart.


3. This cat hugging a baby chick is like therapy for your soul.

Oscar's Chicks on YouTube

4. This kitten hugging its teddy bear is my favorite!

Kitty Cat Bliss on YouTube

5. This affectionate cat just loves this baby.

mihaifrancu on YouTube