He's Willing To Die For Your Naked Selfie

by Alicia Lu

Been fired over something on your Facebook account (like that one pic from Mardi Gras you forgot to delete)? Feel like you didn't deserve to be fired over a mistake you made ten years ago? Well, if you feel like you've been the victim of wrongful social-media termination, then Brian Zulberti is coming to your rescue. Zulberti, a lawyer from Delaware, has initiated a hunger strike outside of the United States Supreme Court to fight "for your right to have a social life without consequences at work." Whew!

It is a cause dear to Zulberti's heart: He was once fired as a high school tennis coach for posting comments about an opposing player. The Villanova Law School graduate has stationed himself comfortably outside the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. in a lawn chair. He was photographed wearing a hat printed with "Us Versus Them" and a shirt printed with a picture of himself wearing the same hat and posing shirtless in front of the Capitol. (I guess the shirtlessness is to drive the point home that embarrassing photos should not affect one's employment status, or hunger strike.)

In a letter to his fellow lawyers, obtained by Philadelphia Magazine, Zulberti writes:

I contact you asking for your support in an important social cause, albeit a controversial one. Here in Delaware, attorneys have a tendency to tout themselves as paradigms of legal competence, candor, and professionalism. What better distinguished body to take the forefront and speak out against the tidal wave of social media firings that is unjustly obliterating competent and driven employees from coast to coast.

The problem is simple. Americans everywhere, especially professionals such as ourselves, are being fired for posting things through social media that are completely legal and have no tangible relevance whatsoever to their performance at work. The result has been the rise of the nonsensical belief that employers have the right to deem all of their employees as the “face of the company” during every waking moment of their lives.

Zulberti is such a firm believer in this cause that he's willing to die for it. "I will die right here, no doubt about it, 100 percent certain," he told the Washington Post. "I will do it for the headline: ‘Attorney Dies, Collapses in Front of the Supreme Court of the United States, Talking About Privacy Issues.’ Or I get the [press]. Either way, the message is out and I’ve won. Can’t lose."

This isn't the first time he's done this kind of thing.

He Applied For Jobs With a Selfie

After being fired for his own social media postings, Zulberti decided to rage against the system by including a selfie of himself along with his job applications. The selfie he sent is underwhelming at best — he's wearing a rolled up Villanova t-shirt and pursing his lips in a weird mild duck face.

If that's supposed to be some kind of statement, then I didn't quite catch it.

Zulberti commented in a WUSA9 news segment that he doesn't believe Americans should feel like they're on a constant job interview, that they are "the face of the company at 4 a.m. on a dance floor."

Last time we checked, we're all in agreement here. Nobody's stopping us from going out; it's just common sense to be careful when posting pictures to your public profile.

He Defended a Homophobic Man

Zulberti's been bringing his cause all over the country, and recently traveled to New Jersey to defend Sam Falcetano, a Department of Public Works employee who was fired for writing homophobic posts on Facebook. Zulberti told the Post that he is "about as gay as the day is long." Still, he insisted in a blog post titled "The Sam Falcetano Jr. Story — a Douchebag Wronged in Jersey" that Falcetano still shouldn't have been fired.

Wonder what he would say about the Donald Sterling fiasco?

He Wants 90 Seconds of National Air Time or He Will Starve to Death — Your Choice

"I want a major TV network," he told the Post. "I want a 90-second spot on a major network during prime time. Yes, if you were from CNN and you said Anderson Cooper will air you tonight, I would pack up my signs and leave. Mission accomplished."

His Website Features Photo Collages That Incorporate His Selfies (and the Dalai Lama)

Or He Will Continue to Post Naked Pictures of Himself

"Look, if I’ve got to get your eyes to my penis to see the problems with the nation," he told the Post, "then so be it."

Images: Brian Zulberti/Facebook