If You Really, Really, Really Love Sushi...

Do you love sushi? Like, really love sushi? As in you love sushi so much you want to date your sushi? Well, I'm not going to tell you that you're not a little strange, but I can tell you that there is now a game for you called Love! Sushi Rangers. Yes, this is weird.

In the new dating simulation game app, Love! Sushi Rangers people can now get the chance to date a sushi roll — or at least a sushi roll that's turned into a beautiful boy. Which obviously makes the whole thing less weird. But hey, if you've been obsessed with salmon rolls for the past few years, then why give it a download?

In the game, users play a girl whose father, a professional sushi chef, leaves the country unexpectedly on some sort of international sushi tour, leaving his daughter to run his sushi restaurant on her own. The only problem is that she has no idea how to run a business or how to make high-quality sushi. Clearly this was a great strategy, Dad. But just when everything seems hopeless, six of the sushi rolls transform themselves into cute boys who are there to help her out.

The questions here might very well be endless. How does sushi turn into people? Can they change back? Once they do, is it OK to eat them? Is it OK to eat any sushi ever if some of them might become people? While they're sushi, are they sentient? And if sushi is made out of fish, how come the boys are so pretty? Shouldn't they be, like, fish-faced or something?

There are a lot of questions, but for those looking for answers (or a true love story involving a shrimp roll), the game is available on iPhone and Android. It gives a whole different to the phrase "relationship with food."