The New 'The Giver' Trailer Is Here

Fans of Lois Lowry's The Giver have been on the edge since they've heard about the movie adaptation of the beloved YA book. Will it live up to the book's disconcerting beauty? Will the barren world she created come to realization on the big screen, or will it be heavy on the action? And will Taylor Swift do a better job than she did in Valentine's Day? The new trailer for The Giver doesn't completely answer any of those questions just yet — you'll have to wait til the movie hits theaters on August 15 to determine that, but it does give us some very cool black and white-into-color shots.

This is a big deal, considering fans of the book were ready to abandon hope in the film when the first trailer was all in color. Fortunately, fans got the word that the movie would be in black and white, so fans will likely find that witnessing the jumps into "feelings" and "colors," is especially great, since it's such a key [art of the book.

However, it does seem that the movie will be a little more high-action than book readers imagined. Fortunately, with Meryl Streep doing her awesome Meryl Streep thing, and Jeff Bridges essentially being the resident cool, all-knowing bearded man — er, The Giver — it seems like the film may have a shot at retaining the book's power while still adhering to contemporary movie audience's favorite tropes. But the fear remains consistent: the power that the book has may get lost in how there are so many YA dystopian stories these days. Might The Giver just not be ripe for a movie adaptation?

You'll have to wait til August 15 to fully come to a conclusion about that, but check out this new trailer for now:

Image: The Weinstein Company