The Most Underrated Crushes From the '90s

by Aly Semigran

When ER debuted back in 1994, George Clooney was all the rage. The actor — who had already been making viewers swoon from his work on shows like Roseanne, Sisters, and The Facts of Life — pretty much sealed the deal with ER, what with his bedroom eyes and Caesar haircut and his super hot on-screen chemistry with Julianna Margulies. Everyone had a crush on George Clooney...except for me. I was a Noah Wyle girl. You could have your smirky, flirty Doug Ross, I was much more invested in the sweet, adorable John Carter.

Maybe it's because Dr. Carter was so much more likable (Dr. Ross was so damn cocky) or maybe it's because he had such approachable, guy-next-door good looks, but either way, it always baffled me that ER fans were swooning over George Clooney when they had Noah Wyle right there. (Don't get me wrong, I totally get the Clooney appeal, but Noah Wyle had that laid-back, cute boyfriend vibe.)

In honor of ER's unsung hottie Noah Wyle (who is still looking awfully good these days on Falling Skies) here are seven other underrated TV crushes who never got their proper due in the '90s.

(Ugh, remember that episode when he got stabbed? Still traumatized.)

Nicholas Brendon — Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Angel or Spike? Spike or Angel? Pffft, it was all about the funny, cute Xander.

Kerr Smith — Dawson's Creek

Okay, so Jack may not have been the most attainable TV crush (he was gay, after all) but he was still so easy on the eyes and was the dream best friend. (He was so good to Jen!)

Alfonso Ribeiro — The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Laugh all you want, but no one had hotter moves in the '90s than Carlton and you know it!

Ian Ziering — Beverly Hills, 90210

Oh you wear that crop top Steve Sanders, you wear the hell out of it. Again it's the case of the obvious hotties (Luke Perry, Jason Priestley, Brian Austin Green) vs. the cute, goofier guy. Always go cute goofy guy!

Danny Masterson — That '70s Show

The dudes of That '70s show became a little more famous for their off-screen conquests (namely Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama) but Hyde was by far the most crush-worthy of the bunch (Topher Grace's Eric was cute, but a bit of a weenie), even if he was a sarcastic stoner.

Eddie Cahill — Friends

Everyone was rooting for Rachel and Ross to get back together, but could you have blamed her if she stuck it out with Tag "Sweet Cheeks" Jones? Aside from Mike (Paul Rudd), Tag was the hottest guy to ever roll through Friends. Seriously, Tag, how you doin'?

Ivan Sergei — Jack & Jill

Seriously, someone explain how Ivan Sergei wasn't a bigger star? Look at that face! Those dimples! Granted, Jack & Jill only lasted for two seasons (which ended on a cliffhanger, no less) and Sergei had to compete for crush status with the likes of Simon Rex and Justin Kirk, he was still a bona fide babe.