Queen Elizabeth's Page Boy Faints During Her Speech, Queen Ignores Him

Sometimes, when you spend a lot of time around the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, things get a little boring. That may be why a Queen's page boy fainted with a 'loud thud' at London's House of Lords on Wednesday during the State Opening of Parliament, a weird British tradition in which the supposedly figurehead-y monarch kinda grants permission for Parliament to do its thing every new session. Governing. Zzzzz, amirite?

The Queen's speech, important (or not) as it may have been, was apparently not quite enthralling enough for one page boy, who took a tumble and thudded to the ground right when the octogenarian sovereign started droning on and on about working toward a comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran.

So, thud goes the page boy.

Did the Queen stutter? No, obviously. She is the Queen of England. Lady is straight-up made of poise. She continued her speech without skipping a beat. Decorum. Stalwart adherence to a plan. Unwavering commitment to continuity. These are the hallmarks of the House of Windsor (with the exception of the lovestruck no-good very-bad abdicator Edward VIII). Step off, haters and would-be imitators.

The House of Lords wouldn't say who the page boy was, though he is apparently fine, according to the UK's ITV.

We can confirm one of the page boys did faint slightly but he is now fine. He is with his family and there is no problem.

It was just a slight faint! Totally NBD.

The page boys helped carry the Queen's really, really long train into the chamber and, minus one, carried it back out again. This is pretty much all the Queen's pages do these days, and the boys selected are typically members of Britain's nobility.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the unfortunate page is Viscount Aithrie, whose family is apparently a very big deal in Scotland. But let's all agree to give the viscount a break for the rest of the day, eh?