'BriTANick' Comes to Comedy Central, Gives Us a Look at 'Broad City' Without the Broads

Broad City seems to have unleashed the secret behind rapidly moving scripted comedy from YouTube to television. Their unique blend of stoner humor, relatable situations, and absurd endings has made them an instant classic of the Comedy Central canon. But they might not be alone much longer, because BriTANick is coming to their network. Comedy Central has agreed to adapt BriTANick 's online shorts into a half-hour scripted pilot, which centers on getting in and out of relationships.

Of course, the success of Broad City's Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson has opened the possibility of Internet-to-television options for comedians like BriTANick's Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney. But these two shows will share more than a history: we see a little of Broad City's silly humor in BriTANick's web shorts. Both shows focus on an unflappable relationship between two bros, although I would be safe saying that Ilana and Abbi out-bro Nick and Brian by a fair margin. And both tend to focus on the ridiculous, awkward, and hilarious situations the pair find themselves in, often riffing on the sexual possibilities they could explore if their relationship moved beyond a bromance.

Granted, BriTANick's style of comedy is slightly more surreal, and doesn't focus so heavily on the experiences of hipster kids in Brooklyn, but nonetheless, Abbi, Ilana, Brian, and Nick all seem to be trying to grow up in their own ways. Watch the following two clips for examples of their silliness, side by side.

BriTANicK on YouTube
Comedy Central on YouTube