Is a 'Bachelorette' Dude on 'Party Down South'?

by Laura Rosenfeld

Who's ready for another heaping helping of CMT's hit reality show Party Down South ? We're not sure our livers have totally recovered from all the (vicarious) debauchery we experienced watching the crew drink, drink, and drink some more during their summer in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. But ready or not, Season 2 of CMT's highest-rated show ever is just around the corner, premiering Tuesday night, in fact. The original octet of party people will be back to fight, strip, hook-up, and do whatever else it is that the Athenians do as they become the problem of Athens, Georgia this season.

But what do we really know about this ragtag bunch of men and women just looking for a good time? Have we really given them a chance to show us they're more than just their wild antics? For shame. Maybe off-camera, they're upstanding citizens contributing to society with their noble professions and philanthropic hearts. Too far? Well, there's at least got to be more to the cast than meets the bottle, right?

Get to know the guys and gals who have RSVPed again for another round of Party Down South. Otherwise, without our help, you'd probably be just as lost as if you just started watching Mad Men this season. (Us, sarcastic? Never... )

Josh Murray

Not to be confused with that other dude by the same name on The Bachelorette, this six-foot-five, 300-pound country boy just goes by "Murray." The 32-year-old from Louise, Mississippi says "stupid shit" is his forte. He also has an affinity for hanging out buck naked, showing off his tattoos, sporting an American flag shirt, and getting into fights. But he still somehow manages to be the teddy bear of the group.

Lauren White

Lauren, 22, likes the boys and the booze. Last season, the Pineville, Louisiana native got out of her mother's house and into some drama during her summer at Murrells Inlet. Lauren also likes mudding, so we know she's not scared of fighting dirty.

Lyle Boudreaux

Lyle is a 28-year-old from Lafayette, Louisiana. He's a ladies man who often dresses to impress in a camouflage shirt, whether he's hunting or not. Lyle is also a mama's boy who has a 5-year-old daughter of his own. Unfortunately, Lyle may have partied a little too hard last February when he was arrested for allegedly stealing a credit card from a car. Lyle later apologized for his actions. You know you've made it on reality TV when your mug shot makes it on TMZ. Welcome to the big leagues, Lyle.

Mattie Breaux

This 25-year-old from Gheens, Louisiana is always down to party hardy. But when Mattie has a little too much to drink, her alter ego Martha comes out. Not as exotic-sounding as Sasha Fierce, but we'll go with it. Mattie loves being the center of attention, which is not an easy task in this crew, and where she goes, drama always follows. A judge in Louisiana has reportedly issued a bench warrant for Mattie's arrest when she failed to show up for a pretrial hearing for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Ryan "Daddy" Richards

Although his spiky, bleach blond hair makes him look like he belongs on Jersey Shore rather than Party Down South, the 33-year-old from Orange Beach, Alabama, who is lovingly referred to as "Daddy," is a southern boy at heart. He's a fan of the beer funnel, and he'd rather catch his dinner in the sea than the woods, unlike some of his fellow partiers.

Taylor "Lil Bit" Wright

Taylor, known in the house as "Lil Bit," sleeps with her Bible and her gun next to her bed. The 24-year-old from Rockingham, North Carolina is religious, but not to the point where she feels she can't strut her stuff, even competing in a bikini contest last season. And she's the reserved one of the bunch.

Walt Windham

Walt is a self-proclaimed redneck from Frankfort, Kentucky and proud of it. The 26-year-old is a manly man, always up for off-roading in his truck or going tubing. Walt says he's not so into the Internet as the youngsters are today, but he broke down and got a Twitter and a Facebook where you can keep up with all of his rugged adventures.

Tiffany Heinen

This 26-year-old from Eunice, Louisiana wants you to know that she's brutally honest. And she basically thinks that if you get offended, it's your fault for not knowing how to take her honesty. But she loves animals, working on her family farm, and taking care of her pet pig Rooster, so there's got to be a kind heart in there somewhere.

Image: CMT/Andy Batts