He's Definitely Going Prove Andi Wrong

by Christine DiStasio

Alright, I have to say it: Josh hit a home run last Monday. Now that I've gotten my baseball pun over with for this post (will making baseball puns ever get old? Probably not), let's talk about The Bachelorette's Josh Murray, former-pro baseball player and how he's hellbent on proving he's not the average jock. On Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette , Josh called Andi out for stereotyping him and it was ballsy to the say the least. But, Andi seemed to be super-impressed with him taking on her preconceptions and it totally won her over. So can he stay ahead of the typical-jock curve? (Sorry, couldn't help it.)

Andi always goes for the jock — at least, that's what she told Josh Murray on Monday night. And said jock-type always manages to break her heart. So, I guess we can't really blame her for being a little iffy about getting close to the former pro-baseball player. But, somehow, Josh proved her wrong and managed to be the second bachelor to lock lips with Andi this season. How? By calling her out for black-listing him with her preconceived notions because he is so not like those jocks she's dated before at all. I get that, he wants the same fair chance as not-her-type Nick Viall, buuuut did no one else see that semi-red flag on Monday night when Josh put his hand in Andi's face because she was making him nervous?

That makes me nervous. Because Josh is totally charming the pants off of her and saying all of the right things. And, as much as he wants to win Andi's heart, he's also the first guy to be tough with her and I could tell that she was really impressed with that. Because Andi's a tough cookie and she's not going to be happy with some ball of mush that molds to her every whim — her career is challenging and she wants a partner, not a figurehead. But that was kind of — if not completely — unacceptable that he made that type of hand gesture, even if Andi thought it was adorable. So, my first advice to staying ahead of Andi stereotyping him is to never, ever do that again — not even after they're happily married at the end of the season.

Josh also absolutely needs to continue to challenge her — not insult her — but live up to the expectations he just set for himself by calling her out. If she starts to think that's a one-and-done type of situation, it'll seem like he's trying to play her and like he's being someone he's not just to impress her. Andi's way too smart not to see that (even if she didn't see that him putting his hand in her face was a big deal — sorry, I can't let that go). Josh needs to remain consistent, otherwise this will absolutely not work.

If Josh stays the course and doesn't get too cocky about that kiss on Monday night, he might actually live up to his assertion that he's not just like those other jocks from Andi's past. If not, not-her-type Nick might sweep in and prove to Andi that all jocks are the same. The battle is on.

Image: ABC