Her Dancing Is Flat Out Remarkable

by Keertana Sastry

One of the greatest things about So You Think You Can Dance is that dancers with fascinating backstories get a chance to not only shine a light on their personalities and histories but also on the way those personalities affect their dancing style. Remember human robot Bryan Graynor or contemporary dancer Ida Saki? Both of those dancers were able to use their different traits to make for two of the most memorable auditions in SYTYCD history. Graynor had scoliosis and a small frame but that didn't stop him from being able to truly stun the judges and audiences with his incredible robotics. And Saki's parents were both from Iran and while her mother was not allowed to become a dancer just as she always dreamed, Saki could use that frustration and that desire to become not only a beautiful dancer, but a truly unique one. So You Think You Can Dance has done it again in Season 11 with another unforgettable dancer and audition courtesy of Franchesca Bass. And while Graynor nor Sarki made it past the first few rounds, Bass could do so with ease despite what some folks might see as an obstacle.

The 18-year-old dancer from Indiana was born with Alopecia Areata which made her stand out automatically in appearance but even more with her dancing. She took her condition and used it to her advantage by creating a character for her performance. She called herself an alien who was afraid to be around others. And holy crap, did she deliver. Her alien side came alive and got her a ticket straight through to Vegas. Just check her out.

Franchesca's unusual yet beautiful style made us think about how perfect she could be dancing to choreographers' Sonya Tayeh, Mia Michaels and SYTYCD alum Mark Kanemura's creations. I can just imagine her recreating these unforgettable moments from past SYTYCD episodes.

Mark Kanemura's Jazz Acid Trip

Franchesa could own this dance, though Mark would have to make some changes with ponytail parts so that Franchesca could own her Alopecia.

Sonya Tayeh's Girl Power Fight To The Finish

No one can replace Melanie or Sasha but Franchesca could really raise to the top of this year's crop of dancers with a performance like this.

Mia Michaels' Let The Drummer Kick

So this show wasn't the most popular Mia Michaels' routine of all time. So what? With Franchesca doing this dance and all-star Neil or all-star Marko coming back to assist, it could become better than ever.

There's no level to how great Franchesca could be and I just hope and pray she makes it through the Hollywood rounds. The worlds needs to be able to see more unique dancers and she could end up being one of the best.

Images: Fox