6 Ways To Improve Your Squat

With bikini season in full swing, leg and butt workouts are a top priority at the gym. And squats have long been the go-to move for a better bottom half. They work because you're actually toning 75 percent of your muscle mass at once, from your quads, hamstrings, and outer thighs to your glutes and core. But regular squats can get old fast — up and down, up and down, yaaawn.

Here's a tip that will shake up your squat routine, courtesy of celebrity trainer Ary Nunez, who helps sculpt Rihanna and Alicia Keys: Instead of endless repetitions, all you need to do is hold a squat for 30 seconds, three times. If she can make Rihanna's derriere look like this , we're all ears. Try one of these stationary squats — you'll be uploading your own #belfies in no time.

Power Squat

Start with feet wider than hip-width apart. Bend legs at a 45-degree angle, knees pointing out. Tuck your pelvis under and squeeze your butt cheeks together. Lean slightly back until you can feel your abs engage. Bend your arms at a 45-degree angle and turn your palms up, squeezing your fists so your arm muscles engage, too.

Yoga Squat

Start with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, toes pointing out. Sink down into a squat until your butt is just a few inches off the floor. Pushing your hands together, use your elbows to gently push at the insides of your knees to open your hips. Keep your spine neutral and your tailbone tucked under.

Chair Squat

Start in a standing position with your feet together. Slowly sink down, bringing your thighs as close to parallel to the floor as possible. Keep your spine neutral and tuck your pelvis and tailbone under while squeezing your abs. Your knees should be directly over your ankles.

Warrior Squat

Start with legs wider than hip-width apart. Shift your weight to your right side so your right leg is bent at a ninety-degree angle, and your left leg is totally straight. Your right toes should be pointing slight out, and your left toes should be pointing straight ahead. Lift your arms to shoulder-height, keeping your right arm bent and your left arm straight. Hold, then repeat on the other side.

Frog Squat

Start with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, toes pointed at. Sink into a basic squat, squeezing your butt cheeks together and engaging your core. Press your palms together in front of your chest — the harder you press, the more you'll work your arm muscles, as well.

Ninja Squat

Start standing with feet together. Lift one leg so your thigh is parallel to the floor and your knee is bent at a ninety-degree angle. Your standing leg should have a slight bend to it. Lift arms at your side, keep elbows bent (to work your biceps) — ninja flourish optional. Hold, then repeat on the other side.

Main Image: Igor Mojzes/Fotolia