Worst 'Wheel of Fortune' Answer Ever Is Horribly Cringeworthy — VIDEO

Are people going on Wheel of Fortune just to become future memes, Vines, GIFs and general Internet sensations? With the recent trend in so-awful-that-they-seem-made up kinds of answers, you might think so. But now, we have what might be the worst Wheel of Fortune answer ever. This one doesn't even make sense. You'd think that a moderate level of literacy was a trait needed to compete on the classic game show — apparently, not so much. Poor guy. His nerves must have gotten the best of him.

On this episode, we have the category Song Lyrics and contestant Stephen, who is very confident in his knowledge of all things musical. We have what is very clearly about to be "Surf City Here We Come," but somehow, this contestant managed to... well, change letters that were already there, add letters, and essentially, earn his plaque in the hall of fame for Wheel of Fortune — WTF!? Moments. (We'll never forget you, Julian, and your pronunciation of "Achilles.").

But this answer is just baffling. You can hear the dude taking the Vine's immediate response of "WHAT!?," and that about says it all. If only we had a Vine of Vanna White's response.

As always, you must see (and hear) for yourself:

And if you want to endure this cringeworthy moment in its entirety, you can watch it over here and live out the awkwardness for a full 25 seconds:

Alec Turner on YouTube

Image: Seth Rosenthal/Vine