Check Out Fox News' Latest Insane Interview

Obviously, I'm not qualified to write a post about a Muslim who was interviewed about Jesus, because I'm Jewish.

So goes the logic of Fox News anchor Laura Green, who interviewed Dr. Reza Aslan about his new book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. Green was concerned that Dr. Aslan, who is an certified expert in religious studies, was a weirdo for wanting to study Jesus' life. Because he's a Muslim, duh.

Her first question to Dr. Aslan?

“I want to be clear, so you’re a Muslim. Why did you write a book about the founder of Christianity?”

Dr. Aslan responded firmly from within the universe most of us call home:

“To be clear, I am a scholar of religions with four degrees, including one in the New Testament and fluency in biblical Greek, who has been studying the origins of Christianity for two decades, who also just happens to be a Muslim. So it’s not that I’m just some Muslim writing about Jesus, I am an expert with a PHD in the history of religions,” Aslan burned.

But Green wouldn't take that for an answer. Watch the interview for yourself:

At least now that the video has gone viral, Dr. Aslan is getting the publicity consolation prize he deserves. As of Monday afternoon, his book hit the #1 spot on Amazon.