The Skinny Mirror: Makes You Look Ten Pounds Thinner, Motivates You To Work Out

My friend has a mirror that makes me look thinner. I don't think it's meant to have this slimming effect, and people don't always notice why they catch themselves looking twice at their figure in it. Well, lo and behold, now there's a mirror marketed especially for those who appreciate the slimmer image (um, pretty much everyone, let's be honest).

The "Skinny Mirror" — "the mirror that compliments you" — was created by Belinda Jasmine and funded on Kickstarter. Here's how it works: the mirror is slightly concave, and this, apparently, removes up to ten pounds from your figure. The price tags for the different Skinny Mirror models run from $165 to $575 (hello, black walnut wood).

The Skinny Mirror

Jasmine claims that the Skinny Mirror improves healthy body image and encourages customers to take care of themselves. At least, the reverse is true: When people feel overweight, they're more likely to actually become obese.

"The Skinny Mirror gives you extra confidence to take on the world," the product's website explains. So how should we feel about a thinner image of ourselves boosting our confidence? Doesn't this just reinforce the idea that thinner is better?

The company insists that the mirror actually helps people achieve a more positive body image. "Some customers who have been using The Skinny Mirror longer than 30 days claim it has motivated to eat healthier and exercise," explains their website. Undoubtedly, a healthy boost of self-confidence that leads you to take care of your body is always preferable to a low-self-esteem-induced eating disorder. Look at yourself all you want, ladies.

Image: ronstik/Fotolia; The Skinny Mirror