Is Crazy Eyes Piper's Brutus?

by Kayleigh Roberts

Stop the presses! It's no surprise that Crazy Eyes' episode of Orange is the New Black's Season 2, "Hugs Can Be Deceiving," is a doozy. Her flashbacks take us back to her childhood with her adoptive parents (back when she was called Suzanne), the first signs of her mental instability and… oh yeah, her involvement in Piper's attack in the Season 1 finale.


Up until now, the details of Piper's fight with Pennsatucky in the Season 1 finale have been foggy at best. We knew that Pennsatucky threatened Piper's life and we knew that Piper had the upper hand long enough to worry that she killed Pennsatucky. But we also knew that Piper didn't know how the fight ended (or her attacker's fate). Now we know why.

Here's the set up: After the holiday pageant, Crazy Eyes bounces out feeling super proud of herself for overcoming her stage fright and participating. Unfortunately, she didn't overcome it quick enough — she had an episode on stage, slapping herself, and two of the other inmates mock her for it. This dredges up memories of her high school graduation and her blonde, white adoptive mother who always pushed her to step outside of her comfort zone and try to be social. And who in the prison could possibly remind Crazy Eyes of said blonde, white, pushy mother than her own favorite obsession, Dandelion.

And here's the knockout: Crazy Eyes takes a running start at Piper and punches her square in the nose, with a good battle cry about mom to seal the deal. And since Piper's still conscious after the first punch, Crazy Eyes throws another for good measure.

And that brings us to the fact that when Piper and Pennsatucky are discovered, they're both bloodied and unconscious in the snow. It looks like they beat each other to a pulp, even though Pennsatucky was out cold and on her way to an early discharge in the worst way when Crazy Eyes showed up.

Crazy Eyes has been convinced that Piper must hate her for what she did (which, let's be honest, is one of the least crazy assumptions she's ever made, especially about Piper's feelings), but that couldn't be further from the truth. Piper goes along with the common story that Pennsatucky knocked her out too because it makes it look like a fair fight and not a Piper-needs-to-be-in-the-SHU-forever fight. Piper actually thanks Crazy Eyes, which is big considering the "lone wolf" path she's on now, but Crazy Eyes is under V's leadership (this is going to get good) and blows her off.

Images: Netflix