Another Day, Another Miley Song Leaks

by Kadeen Griffiths

In start contrast to the first unreleased Miley Cyrus track "Pretty Girl (Fun)", her latest song doesn't sound like it's trying too hard to be a generic club hit. Instead, Miley Cyrus' "The Last Goodbye" sounds more along the lines of "Wrecking Ball" — an emotional ballad that's unfortunately bogged down by the world's most bizarre use of pitch. The song was first released in snippet form back in 2013, but it ultimately didn't make it onto the Bangerz album. However, in this instance, it probably should have.

All right, so "The Last Goodbye" doesn't do anything too different from what "Wrecking Ball" did. It's essentially a song about a relationship gone south that Cyrus is walking away from. "I don't wanna let you go if you still love me 'cause I don't wanna see you cry, but it feels like you and I are dying and there's no one that can save our lives," sings Cyrus in a surprisingly heartfelt manner if one can ignore what actually sounds like a bad combination of poor auto-tuning and melodic choices.

There are times when listening to the song becomes a little difficult because Cyrus' voice is raised to a screech, but those are the kinds of things that could have been fixed by a little studio work. The overall message of the song is solid and the lyrics are better than the usual Cyrus fair. Why "The Last Goodbye" didn't make it on the album is a mystery for the ages. Was Cyrus swinging around naked on a wrecking ball really that much better than anything she could have come up with for this song's music video?

Okay, maybe it was. There's no explanation for why all of these rejected Bangerz songs are leaking now, but they're a good look at what could have been. Currently, it sounds like Bangerz was in its best possible form when it came out because the unreleased songs have been far too similar to other tracks on the final album. I still think "The Last Goodbye" should have replaced "Wrecking Ball", but, then again, I could just be sick of hearing that song.

Listen to "The Last Goodbye" below.

Image: Tumblr