Chris Brown Is Playing With Fire

In an interesting twist of events, Chris Brown has been released from jail for whatever reason. The reasons don't matter as much as the fact that Brown is out and that he tweeted how "Humble and blessed" he was by the good fortune. Considering the fact that Brown spent his 25th birthday behind bars — and that jail is not a really fun place to be no matter how famous you are — we can hardly blame Brown for being ecstatic. So how did he celebrate his newfound freedom? Predictably, Chris Brown had a fresh-out-of-jail party.

Technically, Brown did not so much have the party as he had the party thrown for him. It was organized by his on-off girlfriend Karreuche Tran, who blindfolded Brown before leading him to an intimate garden party with friends including T-Pain and Akon. The two were reportedly very affectionate with one another over the course of the party and Brown showed his appreciation for Tran's support with several kisses and hugs.

It's hard to begrudge Tran her right to express how much she missed Brown by gathering his friends together in a little party for him. In fact, if a party had to happen, then she certainly did it in the best way possible. She kept the guest list very small, she held it in a garden instead of a club, and she remained loyally by Brown's side throughout. I'm not saying that all Brown needs is a trigger like a wild party or being left alone for him to spiral back into assaulting people, but a huge public party at a club would have sent the wrong message.

It's already a mystery as to why Brown was released so early; it would have been bad to give his detractors more fuel by allowing them to point out that he's gone right back to his old tricks not even a week later. Whether or not you feel that Brown deserves to be walking free right now has surprisingly little to do with this situation. Every person has the right to be surrounded by their loved ones after a hard time in their lives — even if they deserved it.

Maybe Brown is finally learning from his mistakes and has every intention of keeping his head low, at least until all of his trials are over. Or maybe we're just being too hopeful. Either way, he could have done a lot worse. According to TMZ, Brown's guests at the party were wasted, but Brown himself was not. Sources also deny that there was any weed on the premises, which means that Brown is keeping to his promise to swear off negative influences like drugs and alcohol. At least, for now.

Chris Brown and party may have been a recipe for trouble in any other context, but this freedom celebration was notable for being a genuinely calm and peaceful time. Hopefully, Brown will keep it up.