This Ice Cream Is WHAT Flavor?!

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I am of the firm belief that ice cream can be whatever flavor you dang well please. That said, though, I’m not sure how I feel about this one: An ice cream parlor in the north of England called Teare Woods has created fish and chips-flavored ice cream.

You heard me: Fish and chips. In a cone.

According to Metro UK, the concoction consists of one scoop of minty mush pea-flavored ice cream and one scoop of fish-flavored ice cream (which, by the by, is also rolled around in scraps of fish and batter), with a salty chip stuck in the top instead of the Cadbury Flake chocolate bar that provides to finishing touch to most UK ice cream cones. Shayne Wood, co-owner of Teare Wood, created the whole thing using ingredients from the takeaway next door. “The guys at the chippy thought I was mad,” he said to the Daily Mail. “But it was really easy.” He added, “It’s actually quite nice — kind of like a savory fish cake, but a bit more sweet.”

I don’t know, guys. It’s not that I’m fundamentally opposed to the idea of savory ice cream; sweet corn ice cream, for example, sounds like it would be an amazing side dish for a summer barbecue, avocado ice cream is probably all kinds of creamy wonderfulness, and spicy bacon maple bourbon ice cream combines all of my favorite things into one delicious bowl. In the case of Teare Woods, however, I think it has something to do with the “fish” part of “fish and chips.” I love fish and chips, but something about the idea of something fish-flavored being textured like ice cream just… doesn’t do it for me. Although the 11th Doctor would probably be all over that shit.

This isn’t the first time Teare Wood has dreamed up an unusual ice cream flavor; in the past, it’s attempted corned beef, coconut korma, and roasted garlic. “Garlic was horrible, really bad,” Wood said to the Mail. “But it turns out you can make pretty much anything into ice cream.” Fair enough.

Ice cream cleanse, anyone?