'Doctor Who' Star Matt Smith Will Join 'The Terminator,' Delighting Geeks Everywhere

Geeks! Here is some awesome news for you: Doctor Who 's Matt Smith will join the newest Terminator trilogy in what Deadline reports is a major role that will increase in size in the second and third films. And lest we forget that Game of Thrones actress, the one and only Mother of Dragons, Emilia Clarke is also starring in the reboot as Sarah Connor. Be still, my geeking heart!

Smith is no stranger to time traveling and alien-folks who are not of this world, as he's played the ultimate time and universe traveler on Doctor Who, as the Eleventh Doctor from 2011-2013. This falls right in his experience bracket. There's no word yet on exactly who he'll play, but whoever he/she/cyborg it is, this will give Doctor Who fans a remedy for the loss of the Eleventh Doctor, since there will be new Doctor this season.

Terminator: Genesis will be helmed by Alan Taylor and will hit theaters on July 1, 2015. And I've got to admit — while at first the return of The Terminator seemed a bit eye-roll inducing ("I'll be back!" "Oh please, stay away,"), if you're going to do a re-boot of the franchise, THIS is the way to do it, by banding together some of the best contemporary geek icons. So Schwarzenegger, you can totally come back since you're bringing The Doctor and The Khaleesi with you.