"What Channel Is Miss USA On?" Could Be a Trivia Question In These Competition Rounds We Wish Existed

Pageant season is here, folks. And the big one is upon us: The Miss USA competition will air on Sunday, June 8th on NBC for the world to see. Beautiful women from across the country are hoping to win the crown, but first they have to survive swimsuit, evening gown, and Q&A preliminary events. So far, the young women have already competed in the first two rounds of the Miss USA competition offscreen. But we'll get the results of those rounds at the beginning of Sunday's main event. The semifinalists chosen will then compete in swimsuits and evening gowns yet again and then the finalists get to answer questions from the panel of famous judges.

But why reduce the competition to judging just a few outfits? These women are more than just their looks. The Miss America pageant — which is not the same as the Miss USA pageant — used to have a talent portion which left women show off some unique skills they have always had or learned through hard work and dedication. I say let's bring more contests like that to the Miss USA competition on Sunday night. I have a few ideas...

Everyone Loves Trivia

After the semifinalists have been chosen, there should be a trivia contest. The genre of the trivia should be chosen either at random or on a board, like on Jeopardy. Wouldn't it be fun to have the girls answer questions about whatever the heck "Potent Potables" is? And it would be even more impressive if they could list pop culture references like movie and TV quotes. Miss USA would definitely be more relatable with a round like this.

Would An Obstacle Course Be Too Ambitious?

People love watching people tackle physical feats. I can't tell you how many of my friends watch Survivor, Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior. If these women could show some stamina, that would be a testament to their abilities as Miss USA.

Why Not Make Them Sing Karaoke?

Ever watch NBC's old karaoke competition The Singing Bee? Ever try to watch your friends sing karaoke? Both are super entertaining.

Or Just Get Inspiration From Miss America And Add A Talent Portion

In 2004, Miss America did away with their talent portion of the competition, so perhaps Miss USA should take advantage of this and bring it over their side. Who wouldn't love to see what talents these women have? Think any of them could teach us self-defense a la Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality? Now that's a real Miss USA.

Images: NBC/Miss USA; Tumblr/lorenzodilamberti; Rebloggy/devoureth; Giphy