Burberry’s New Fragrance Smells Like Trench Coats — But Why Stop There?

Burberry Brit evokes some serious smemories (smell memories — it's a real word, spellcheck!) for me. I, and most of the rest of the Keene High School female student body, spritzed on that slightly sugar-y, floral fragrance every morning basically by the gallon in hopes that the wafting scent make us seem more sophisticated and enticing to the boys that were still focused on setting ants on fire in the soccer field. Since then, the brand has released various iterations of the 2003 scent (Brit Summer, Brit Sheer...), but now they've gone in a whole new sensory direction. Burberry's newest fragrance, My Burberry, smells like a trench coat in the rain. Okay! Sure. Let's do this.

According to WWD, Christopher Bailey, Burberry's chief creative director, describes the scent as, "a trench coat in a bottle." I mean, this totally makes sense — the brand is basically synonymous with plaid and camel-colored coats — but I certainly haven't ever wished the smell of one could be bottled up and sold. Especially not after it's been out in the rain.

Now that Burberry's clearly gone off the beauty rails — they're launching a skin care line in 2015 — I say why stop at trench coats? Here are a few other non-traditional scents I would love for them to consider.


Adorable yet feisty.


So relaxing, with just a hint of spare change to imply you're independently wealthy.

Ryan Gosling

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh c'mon. If you haven't wanted to see what he smells like you are lying.


Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Just kidding, this already exists because life is truly a gift.

Oh, and if you do want to get your hands on this trench coat scent, you'll have to wait a bit: My Burberry is expected to hit shelves in September 2014.

Images: Burberry; Giphy; poligonchik - Fotolia.com