Stella McCartney's Garden Party Looked Super Fun

by Rosie Narasaki
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Like Dior's cruise-party last month, Stella McCartney's Resort 2015 pried itself from the usual runway/front row format by taking things on a walk in the park. Literally. The show was held Thursday afternoon at the verdantly gorgeous Elizabeth Street Garden in New York City, and was quite the star-studded event! Labelled the "chicest garden party ever" by Lucky magazine EIC Eva Chen, Stella McCartney's Resort 2015 soiree looked like... well, it looked like a lot of fun. And, apparently, that was McCartney's aim. She told

Fashion is supposed to be about having a good time ... so often fashion constrains women and makes them feel like rubbish. For me, the Stella woman is about celebration, feeling alive and free and colorful. I want the girls to have fun, the boys to have fun—in fact, I want to have fun. Don't you?

Yes, Stella McCartney, I do! So why didn't you invite me to your garden party? No, but in all seriousness (or fun-ness?), McCartney's words are important to keep in mind, especially when it comes to today's problematic fashion industry full of photoshopping and body shaming.

On a lighter note, I still wish I could have been at her show yesterday, and here are a few reasons why.

1. This dog

Referred to as "my boyfriend" by Emmy Rossum, and "my direwolf" by Eva Chen, Liger the Great Pyrenees threatened to outshine some of fashion's most talented top models.

2. The Giant chess set!

Everyone who's ever read Harry Potter (which is, let's face it, pretty much everyone) has a soft spot in their hearts for a giant chess set — just as long as I don't have to take a beating from the white queen, a la Ron Weasley.

3. This selfie happened:

Because everyone wants to pose with mustachio'd fashion it girl Cara Delevingne.

4. And so did this one:

Duckface selfie with Emmy Rossum and Stella McCartney? Sign me up. (And let's all take a moment to covet Rossum's bright pink lipstick).

5. Bubbles!

Because bubbles make everything better — even things that don't generally need improving, like models wearing beautiful, hot-off-the-runway dresses.

6. Lucy Liu was there

Anyone who watches Elementary or has seen the 2000 version of Charlie's Angels wants to be best friends with the ever-fabulous Lucy Liu.

7. Much candy was to be had

Either that, or we should be seriously worried about the model on the far left.