Who Will Sarah Play on 'AHS'?

We should expect things to get freaky for Sarah Paulson on American Horror Story: Freak Show as she takes on the most challenging character she's ever played. "It's not going to disappoint!" Paulson says to Gold Derby about the character she'll be playing in Season 4. "I know lots ... I do know a lot of things ... I really think people are not going to be disappointed. And, it's going to be very different than last year ... in all the best ways." AHS creator Show creator Ryan Murphy has said Paulson's character is the most exciting character he has ever created, and the most challenging role in American Horror S tory Season 4. In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly Radio, he said, "I'm nervous for Sarah." Uh-oh.

We already know AHS: Freak Show might possibly be the scariest season yet, but now we're kind of terrified. Emma Roberts will be there, Angela Bassett will be there, and Jessica Lange will be there playing a German expat who runs one of the last traveling freak shows in the country, all taking place in Jupiter, Florida in the 1950's.

Paulson says she'll be playing a freak show performer, and has been undergoing rigorous physical training for the role. She's even learned learning a new skill so that she is able to portray the physical aspects of her character more convincingly. Tightrope walking? Fire swallowing? Contortionist tricks? We need to know! We've already started plugging in our night-lights thinking about the freaky mystery skills Sarah Paulson's learning that's making Ryan Murphy nervous for her.

Is it lion-taming? Stuffing herself into a comically tiny car? Swallowing the laughter of children?

The suspense is killing me.

Image: Giphy.com