8 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Characters Emma Roberts Should Play

When it comes to playing freaky, demented 1950's circus performers, Emma Roberts says she'll try anything once. In an interview with Refinery29, Roberts confirmed that she'll definitely be returning to American Horror Story in Season 4. Though she hasn't yet revealed who, or what, she'll be playing on the show, she says that she "wouldn't be opposed to playing any kind of freak", including a bearded lady. It looks like Roberts will indeed have the chance to indulge her freaky side on American Horror Story: Freak Show. As Angela Bassett confirmed, the cast will all be playing various "freaks". Roberts is down to wear facial hair on TV, and this is why we love her.

At this point, other than Roberts' admission that she's cool with beards, there isn't much else we know about what we'll be seeing on AHS: Freak Show, or who among this freak-filled cast will be playing the various creepy characters we imagine will appear. Which leads us to wonder and let our imaginations run wild: who will the beautiful and terrifying Emma Roberts play? We need to know! Since we're left to speculate and count the minutes until the new season airs, we've thought of some creepy weirdos we could see Emma Roberts playing on AHS: Freakshow.

A bearded lady.

Am I weird for thinking that Emma Roberts would be the most adorable girl with facial hair ever? Pretty sure she could work a vaguely androgynous "Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria " vibe.

A sexy killer.


Emma Roberts: so pretty, it's SCARY.

A jaded circus ballerina...

...who's ALSO A KILLER.

A creepy contortionist...

...who is ALSO POSSESSED (may require a stunt double).

A magician's assistant...


...with a dark past.

A creepy little girl.


So innocent-looking... and so scary!!

Conjoined twins.

No real-life twin? No problem! If Lindsay Lohan and Armie Hammer can play twins, so can Emma Roberts.

A tightrope walker...


...with a horrible secret that could result in some serious plot-twist action!

AHS: Freak Show can't come soon enough.

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