Watch Him Arm Wrestle Jimmy Fallon

Let's talk about Channing's Tatum's muscles. Those abs! Those abs. THOSE ABS. Now that we've got that out of the way, though: even though it's so easy to get fixated on his six pack, we shouldn't forget Tatum's rippling biceps. To ensure you never forget again, an easy fix is watching Channing Tatum arm wrestle Jimmy Fallon — which, luckily, is exactly what happened on last night's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But the best part of this segment isn't the actual match, it's the pre-duel smack talk that goes right before the main event. The real winner of this match isn't whoever wins (ah, not gonna spoil it for you just yet!), it's the folks in Jimmy Fallon's writers room.

Fallon and Tatum indulge in a pretty hilarious bit in which they one-up each other about what they'lll do after they win (Tatum's drawl when he says, "after I wiiiinnnn" will make you wish the much-anticipated Magic Mike XXL would feature some dueling cowboy bits. Someone pitch that please?). Highlights include a five-year text on Tatum's end that will just read "k," and Fallon's non sequiturs are also pretty funny. But you must watch to see when Tatum breaks — the thing he'll change his name to after he wins is almost too funny for him to say. (Fallon was probably thinking, "I'm not the only one who breaks around here!")

So! Watch their duel and the match, and find out who wins the actual event! Hint: Being able to write excellent jokes and bits doesn't always make you a champion in the gym. Stripper abs, however, often do.