He Punched A Journalist?!

Today in Cumber-news: Benedict Cumberbatch punched a journalist. Fear not, Cumber-fans — he wasn't demonstrating a secret volatile side of his personality, he was coming to the defense of his pal Keira Knightley because a journalist hadn't been to kind to her. So essentially, Cumberbatch has proven that he is not only an excellent actor and an excellent meme, but also that he is an excellent friend. Cue James Taylor's "You've Got A Friend." When you're down...and troubled...and you need a Cumber-hand...

Here's what happened. Knightley, who stars with Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game, told Elle UK that the BBC Radio 2 movie reviewer Mark Kermode said something not very kind about her acting, and he called her Ikea Knightley, which is weird enough as it is. Cumberbatch overheard, and then punched Kermode in the arm. So it wasn't like a black-eye level of a punch, it was more like aww, c'mon, you d-bag.

Knightley said the following about the events:

When I saw him [Benedict] again, I said, ‘Did you punch a journalist?’ and he was like, ‘I f***ing did.’ [...] Everybody needs a friend like that.

Amen to that, Knightley. We all need friends who will come to our defenses when people talk shit about us! However, not all of us can be so lucky as to call Benedict Cumberbatch our BFF.