See Benedict Cumberbatch Battle Nazis

The best kinds of Thursdays are the ones where new photos of Benedict Cumberbatch surface, and it turns out today is one of those days. Two stills from Cumberbatch's film The Imitation Game are now available so we can get our first look at the World War II drama. The movie features Cumberbatch in the characteristically serious role of mathematician Alan Turing who helps crack Germany's war codes. It's a movie adaptation of a true story which gave Cumberbatch all the more reason to spend a lot of time really delving into the character's shoes. "He’s an exceptional man,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly. “I hope this film does justice to this unsung hero.”

With Cumberbatch at the helm, there's it most likely will succeed in that task. After all, this is an actor who takes his craft very seriously.

But our favorite otter-like human isn't the only big actor seeking to give this hero's story the attention it deserves. Keira Knightley is also a major cast member, and you can now get your first glimpse at 40s-era Knightley in addition to Benedict Cumberbatch's serious code-cracking face and a glimpse at his entanglement with the Nazis. The film hits theaters November 21.