Rihanna Accepts Guys' Choice Award Fully Clothed But This Doesn't Change Anything

Ever since Rihanna wore a completely sheer dress to the CFDA Awards and transformed herself into a modern-day, sexed up Josephine Baker adorned in Swarovski crystals, the shock continues to nipple, er, ripple throughout the world. Suddenly, everyone seems to be on watch for her next glam nude fashion choice. Well, to the dismay of everyone who attended Spike TV's 2014 Guys' Choice Awards on Saturday, the daring looks were left at home when Rihanna accepted the award for Most Desirable Woman.

Still stunning nonetheless, Rih opted for a simpler look, donning a sleek black slip dress. To some, it would seem completely fitting for her to be naked while accepting an award that has a little something to do with her looks. Well, okay, a lot. But the fact is, Rihanna's sexiness transcends nudity. Still, that did nothing to placate Kevin Hart, who presented the singer's award, and spoke on behalf of what had to be a crowd drooling with anticipation when he asked, "How many men are mad that she didn't come naked?!"

But Rihanna took their disappointment in stride when she joked, "I knew pervs like you would be here at the Guys Choice Awards. Well, I mean, thank you for voting me for this at 26 because we all know it goes downhill from here. But this is a fun award, I appreciate it. Shout out to all the real men out there."

She even tweeted her appreciation for the award:

Who knows why Rihanna opted for a more subtle look? She constantly pushes the envelope and catches everyone off guard with her antics, so showing up nude again so soon would've been completely predictable, which obviously isn't her style. Or perhaps, this was a shout-out to all the people who criticize Rihanna for being nude, a subtle way to show them that she can still turn heads while being fully clothed.

It's probably safe to assume that Rih's modest dress isn't an indicator of her turning into some Stepford wife fashion version of herself. For someone who could easily compile a catalog of nude/partially nude looks, I doubt she's made her last clothing-free appearance. Besides, it's just starting to warm up! So everyone who's waiting on her next revealing look can relax. I'm sure she'll be back on the #FreetheNipple campaign trail in no time.