Sandra Bullock's House Was Broken Into & The Actress Was at Home While It Happened

Mainly details are still fuzzy, but it must have been a disconcerting and terrifying weekend for Sandra Bullock, whose house was broken into Sunday morning — while she was still inside it. Police are still investigating whether or not the man found in her home was a stalker.

The intruder, whose identity hasn't been leaked yet but who People describes as a male in his early 30s, was found in her Los Angeles home and arrested at 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning. As Bullock's reps told the mag, Bullock "is unharmed and is fine."

Still, that's the kind of thing that rattles a person: Famous or not, someone breaking into your house in the wee hours of the morning while you and your family (in this case, likely her 4-year-old son Louie) are fast asleep is a common nightmare. Being a single woman knocks the ante up even higher, especially when the intruder's male, and being a celebrity with whom more than one person has likely harbored obsessive thoughts knocks it up even higher than that. In other words: This kind of thing should not be taken lightly, so let's hope this all shakes out as something minor. Our thoughts go out to Sandra Bullock, mainly in our hoping that her day gets way less stressful from here on out.