Idina Menzel's Tony Awards Dress is a Vampy Zac Posen Gown & We Approve — PHOTO

Ladies and gentlemen. The one and only, wickedly talented… Adel—nah, just kidding. We couldn’t resist. Multiple-time Tony-nominated actress Idina Menzel graced the Tony Awards red carpet in a Zac Posen mermaid-style gown. It’s a pretty va-va-voom affair. And why not? This award ceremony is on Menzel’s home turf: Broadway. And she’s owning the show. Nobody is gonna flub the pronunciation of her name at this joint — especially in this dress. Menzel is nominated tonight for her performance in If/Then, and she's dressing already like a winner. That is, a very vampy winner who really enjoys the soft glow of a novelty red lightbulb. This dress is the personification of “If you got it, flaunt it.” And I’m on board.

Her Bordeaux-colored satin gown hugs all of her lady undulations, like she’s a mysterious Jazz singer in a film about a 40s piano bar. The gown’s plunging neckline and a couple of straps that fall seductively off her shoulders highlight her décolletage. Not to be caught without her diamonds, being that they’re a girl’s best friend and all, she wore a pair of Jacob & Co. Chandelier earrings. In this writer's opinion, the statement earrings were all the baubles necessary. I think Menzel is looking every bit of the Broadway queen she is, plus a side of Jessica Rabbit.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images