'Wicked's 10th Anniversary Tonys Performance Fell a Little Flat Without Idina Menzel — VIDEO

Adele Nazeem is gone, and Idina Menzel just came back, but neither Idina/Adele nor Kristin Chenoweth were in the 2014 Tony performance of Wicked's "For Good." Although Christine Dwyer and Jenni Barber put on a great rendition of the classic Wicked tune, nobody can beat Kristin and Idina's onstage chemistry. This Tonys performance started well, but when it reached the power high notes toward the end, something just felt lacking.

Of course, it could be that even the most talented singers can't match the exact texture of an Idina/Kristin duet, but nonetheless, this much-hyped performance felt a little flat. Christine and Jenni are both very talented, but they aren't going to be popuLAR any time soon.

This performance marks the 10th anniversary of Wicked, and shows that, no how many times the play has been adapted and recast, Idina and Kristin will always be the standard of amazing vocals. Even if the performance was a throwback to a different time in Broadway, it made us remember why we loved the Wicked tune, with its original leads. Hopefully Idina can bring the magic back when she returns to the stage soon for If/Then , a story of a woman's post-divorce move to New York and attempts to begin her life anew.

We're excited to see her stretch her pipes to their limit again in If/Then.

Watch Wicked's tenth anniversary Tonys performance here: