15 Cool Mugs That Will Make Your Morning Better

I've noticed that many of my least favorite things start with the letter M. Mornings...Mondays... Monsanto. I could go on. There is one great thing that also starts with an M, though, and that's mugs. The awfulness of Mornings and Mondays (not Monsanto) can always be cured with some hot liquid in a cute mug. I've gathered 15 of the best for you, to make wake-ups and 3 p.m. pick-me-ups a little bit better.

world domination mug

It will be hard to plot world domination without a cup of joe.

World Domination Mug, $15, society6.com

quietly plotting mug

Who knew you could sip on your tea and be quietly plotting revenge all at the same time?

Quietly Plotting Mug, $17, etsy.com

nope mug

You know those morning where you are just done? I understand, and this mug does too.

Nope Mug, $15, society6.com

strive for progress mug

It’s important to keep things in perspective, and this mug will help you start your day on the right foot.

Strive For Progress Mug, $17, etsy.com

long distance mug

Maybe long distance relationships can be a little easier with mugs as cute as these.

Long Distance Mug, $24, etsy.com

meh mug

Hopefully your coffee will not taste as “meh” as this mug feels.

Meh Mug, $10, etsy.com

what to focus on mug

Remember to be focused on what really matters — happiness, and coffee with half and half.

Focus Mug, $15, society6.com

it's gonna be super duper mug

It will be hard not to feel super duper with a mug as great as this one.

Super Duper Mug, $15, society6.com

liquid patience mug

Forget liquid courage — we could all use some liquid patience in the morning.

Liquid Patience Mug, $17, etsy.com

vintage floral mugs

These cheerful mugs are just the thing for a bright and sunny start to the day.

Vintage Floral Mug, $17, etsy.com

Beyonce Mug

You can be just as fierce and talented as Queen B. How’s that for morning motivation?

Beyonce Mug, $18, etsy.com

male tears

Ah, the best pick-me-up of all, male tears!

Male Tears Mug, $13, etsy.com

all the bacon you have mug

Give me all the coffee you have.

All The Bacon And Eggs Mug, $16, etsy.com

muggles mug

No muggle can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Muggle Mug, $23, etsy.com

marbeed porcelain mug

This marbled porcelain mug is the perfect piece of functional art for your kitchen.

Marbled Porcelian Mug, $40, etsy.com