Sandra Bullock's Home Intruder Was Allegedly Obsessed with Her & That Just Makes Things Worse

On Sunday morning, Sandra Bullock's house was broken into while the actress was still at home. The intruder was found and arrested at 6:30 a.m. and police were launching an investigation into whether or not the man was a stalker. For Bullock's sake, we all had our fingers crossed that he was just a regular burglar, one who would have just taken her things and left her and her family alone. At least, I know I was, since that seemed the less terrifying of all the options. However, according to TODAY, law enforcement sources report that Sandra Bullock's home intruder was a stalker after all.

The 39 year old man was reportedly obsessed with Bullock to the point of keeping a diary about her. He was going through personal items belonging to Bullock when the police picked him up on Sunday. There's no word from the sources as to exactly what kind of diary it was that the man was keeping or what personal items he was going through. In fact, we don't even know how he gained access to Bullock's home, although apparently it only took the police four minutes to respond to the situation.

While that's a great mark of confidence in the Los Angeles Police Department's response time, the fact still remains that there are too many unknowns in this situation for any of us to rest easy — Bullock most of all, considering she was home alone at the time, aside from, possibly, her 4 year old son.

Anyone breaking into anyone's home for any reason is terrifying and even though Bullock was unharmed she has lost something even more important: her peace of mind. To now find out that the man in question was stalking her is an even more unsettling thing. There was nothing random about this break-in. It was a premeditated act designed to target her personally and that just makes it all worse.

Sandra Bullock is an amazing actress and thankfully most of us can feel that way without wanting to break into her house to get closer to her. The thin line between superfan and stalker has always been a little blurry, but the home intruder has definitely crossed that. Hopefully, nothing like this happens to Bullock again.