We Now Know He'll Be In 'The Room' Movie For Sure

by Mallory Schlossberg

Brothers — they stick together, ya know? Dave Franco will star in The Disaster Artist, the James Franco-produced movie about the making of The Room, which is touted as both the worst movie ever made and a cult classic. We've known for a few months that Dave would be co-starring in the movie alongside his older brother James, as James had elusively suggested it back when he first revealed he was going to take on this super-meta project. After all, James always makes big announcements via his cryptic seer — I mean, Paint Shop skills on Instagram.

Still, as psyched as we were at the time to know they'd be working on this movie together, we didn't know what Dave would actually be doing on set— other than cavorting with his auteur-cum-philosophizer-cum-actor brother.

But it turns out Dave is going to play a major role. He is set to portray Greg Sestero, the man who wrote the book, The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made, which is serving as the basis of the movie. Sestero was one of the stars of The Room, who obviously had to tell all after being involved in such a project.

At a screening of The Room in Los Angeles, Dave asked The Room director Tommy Wiseau how he felt about him playing Sestero. The crowd apparently went wild, and Wiseau confirmed:

That's what I say: It's a good choice!

So he has the original director's approval, but what did the original director actually think about actor Greg Sestero?

Greg is a talented guy, but you know, whatever.

Anyhow, Wiseau apparently didn't seem too enthused about the movie, but we sure as hell still are.

The fact that James is giving Dave what sounds like one of the film's biggest roles, next to that of Wiseau himself, might be nepotism at its finest, but we've got to applaud James for helping in Dave's ascent to comedic star power. Dave freaking killed in Neighbors, and it's easy to see that he'll be a natural fit in a meta "making of" comedy.

We don't always say this but: good choice, James Franco. This one's solid.